Experience is priceless when it comes to determining the market value of your home.The seller sets the price of the home, but ultimately the buyer determines the value. The entire world revolves around the principle that any object is worth what a buyer will pay for it.

My Job is to provide you with facts about what has sold recently and what is for sale now, along with the details on properties that attempted to sell but were unsuccessful. This information will help you make an informed decision on pricing your home.


Pricing Your Home is not Guesswork…

It takes an experienced and qualified agent to help you determine the fair market value of your home:

Your home will sell within a range of what similar homes are selling for. Since every home is unique, yours will sell in wither the high or low end of the range depending on its condition and other factors. You should receive a written, well researched computerized market analysis to determine the realistic amount of your home will go for in today’s market.

You benefit from having an Agent who has a high number of listings:

Every listing is another “billboard” which generates valuable buyer calls which are the first step in developing a good working relationship between buyer and agent. Inquiry calls, generated by a sign, ad or other special marketing promotion, are much more likely to be converted!

You get what you pay for with an agent:

Most discretionary costs – photos, brochures,listing services fees, printing, direct mail, signage, etc. These are all vital to getting results you want but are the first thing to go with a “discount” broker. Does a “discount” broker have a staff to personally attend to your specific needs? Does he/she have a proven track record of success – not only in sales but with customer satisfaction and client retention? Does that person have the expertise to guide you through problems that may develop during the process? Or are they just using the discounted commission to win your business without all of the above.